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The Revitalization Concept

An exclusive concept from Switzerland and based on Swiss quality.
The quality of the organism functioning decreases with age, in particular the important physiological systems such as:

Of course, the particular and environmental genetic factors will play an important part in this process. The signs can appear in various ways: reduction of vitality, increase of the physical marks of maturity, hormonal disturbances, sexual failures, depressive diseases, degenerative problems, detoxification problems.

The exclusive concept of Anti-Aging Therapy and Revitalization Program is based on thorough research and a medical experiment practice for 70 years. This method is proved reliable in many problems of organic failures.

The Health and Wellness Center takes great care of each one and suggest specific treatments corresponding to the Swiss quality standards.

The Anti-Aging Therapy and Revitalization Program is applied in order to obtain a specific regulation of the functional capacities of each one.

The Anti-Aging Therapy and Revitalization Program is a special health treatment, specially conceived and designated for people who shows symptoms of:

The stages of a global Revitalization
The medical check-up
A complete medical check-up is established and carefully analyzed by the Health and Wellness Center medical team. Thorough clinical examinations carried out at the time of the medical visit in the Center will complete the check-up. These extremely important preliminary stages for the establishment of a precise diagnosis will allow the proposal of the specific treatments according to the needs of the patient.

First phase of treatment
The specific treatments are managed every day during 3 or 5 days depending of the medical status. The medical team in place ensures the best possible conditions of the course and the follow-up of the treatment. The process of physiological slowdown is thus suppressed by an initial particularly targeted treatment. It results a very fast improvement of the general state and wellbeing.
Depending of the medical status of each one, the medical team will make a choice among the different kinds of treatments : the highly specific proteins will produce a functional regulation of the most important physiological systems.

Second phase of treatment
This first stage must be followed by the application of a long-term therapy which continues over 3 months. The various kinds of treatment prescribed according to the individual needs are done out of the center, in order to obtain a complete revitalization of the organism.

Complementary treatments
According to the particular needs, a program of complementary specific care is established and carried out by professionals of health. The offer is varied, and is based on different kinds of therapy such as nutritional advices, massages, or any other kind of adapted care.

The external treatments
In the context of a complete Revitalization, the Health and Wellness Center takes care also of the appearance of the skin which, constituting a protective envelope, represents an extremely important element of a complete revitalization. The Health and Wellness Center, Swiss fountain of youth, represents unsurpassed excellence in the field of skin care. The active ingredients come from the natural resources of the Swiss Alpine world where active botanicals and glacier water are used in their purest form.
Exclusively formulated and entirely manufactured according to Swiss quality standards, each Swiss product has successfully passed the clinical tests. Science and nature are used in a synergistic way in the formulation of specific anti-age products, in order to extend the youthful appearance of even the most delicate skin.

The result of exclusive formulations of the products is to delay the aging signs and to protect the
skin from later damage.

The range is declined in several specific lines:

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If you need medical advice, simply call our 24 hour hotline.

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